Friday, 13 December 2013

Methods Unit 2 and Applications Unit 2 Tuesday 17th December

How to use this information:
1)         DO NOT PANIC
2)         Use it solely to find topics you remember studying but need to refresh your skills with
3)         Do not worry if don’t know what a thing is- probably used a too complex mathematical word, when actually you can do the topic.
4)         Don’t look at the topics we haven’t covered yet (in Italics), very few will be on your mock and we will of course cover them thoroughly over next few months

Could be in both: Methods and Applications Unit 2
Things in Italics have not been looked at specifically yet

  • Ratio
Shape (Geometry)- The Triangle Mystery
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem including in 3D
  • Trigonometric Ratios- i.e. Using SOHCAHTOA

Shape- General
  • Angles including in Parallel Lines
  • Properties of Quadrilaterals and Triangles
  • Parts of a Circle
  • Area and Perimeter of simple and compound 2D Shapes
  • Surface Area and Volume of simple and compound 3D shapes

Methods Unit 2

  • Prime Factors
  • Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple

  • Venn Diagrams

  • Exterior and Interior Angles of Polygons
  • Circle Theorems
  • Sine and Cosine Rule and Area of a Triangle
  • 2D Vectors
  • Transformations: Rotations, Reflections, Enlargements and Transformations

Applications Unit 2

  • Bearings
  • Measurements- Weight, Volume, Density etc.
  • Constructions
  • Loci


  • Real Life Graphs
  • Speed-Distance-Time Graphs and Areas under them

Monday, 18 November 2013

Friday, 25 October 2013

Assessment Y11 Homework 
due Monday 4th November 

Link to your assessment:

Link to Unit 1 list of topics and revision links:

Monday, 23 September 2013

Homework 23/9/13

Link to your homework, due in 30th September:

Look through the sheet in the link above and check whether the answers are correct.  Then...

In your books you MUST:
·           State which four questions have been completed incorrectly.
·           Try to explain in your own words what has been done wrong.
·           Correctly answer the question.

Correct Working Out